Jay Adams – 2012

Jay Adams has been called “the original seed” of skateboarding. As an original Z-Boy, he is considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. The 1975 Del Mar Nationals were a big turning point in skateboarding history, when the world got its first taste of the Zephyr crew. Jay was the first of the Z-Boys to compete that day and his run epitomized their low, aggressive, fluid style. But what’s more important is that his innovative, on-the spot improvisation brought a raw energy to the sport that came across as natural ability and passion.

On that fateful day, Jay Adams and the Zephyr team elevated skateboarding from a hobby to a lifestyle and, inevitably, to a professional career. Jay, along with his Dog Town brethren, took skateboarding to the vertical walls of empty swimming pools like no one else before them, truly changing the sport in the most significant way in its history. It was a wild, totally insane, radical, no-holds-barred leap forward, epitomized by Jay’s bad ass attitude and style, that made him one of, if not the most, beloved and iconic heroes in the history of skateboarding.