3 thoughts on “Lonnie Toft – 2021”

  1. Lonnie Toft is a true renaissance man….
    Besides being a pioneer/designer/inventor in skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and hydrofoils-he’s also an incredible athlete, artist and a master carpenter.
    A true legend, in every sense of the word.
    And, he’s been a loyal lifelong friend to me…
    who is, the other Steve Olson, from Hollywood Beach 🙂

  2. Lonnie definitely has earned this honor. His entire life he has dedicated himself to getting ‘outside of the box’. He is an Action Sports Pioneer. Skateboarding, wakeboards and snowboarding (not to mention paddle boarding, sail boarding and . . . ??) he does with passion. Lonnie was on the lake November 1, 2021 wakeboarding and out there on the hydrofoil. He still gets out there and lives it!! And he still presses and shapes his own custom skate decks. Like I said, he is still living it!!

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