2023 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee - Tom Penny

Tom Penny

In the raw anarchy of the early 90s skateboard community, emerged a fresh face from Oxford, England. Tom Penny’s revolutionary progression and nonchalant style elevated skateboarding to new heights, inspiring skateboarders worldwide. From his iconic Radlands contest win to mind-blowing video parts (èS Menikmati; Flip, Sorry) Tom redefined style and set new aspirational standards. Today,

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2023 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee – Jimmy Plumer

Jimmy Plumer

(March 21, 1959 – July 28, 2023) RIP Jimmy Plumer. Shredding Kona skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida in November 1979. – Jim Goodrich @jimmy_plumer Rest in Peace. God Speed. Was an incredible skateboarder. At Lakewood contest 1979 riding the end bowl & pumping backside air at the deepest end, no one else was doing it. He was

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2022 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee - Tom Groholski

Tom Groholski

Bernie O’Dowd – This is the magazine that change my life. My friend John and I saw this Thrasher with some dude on it, has a ramp in New Jersey not far from us, and he wrote a letter of Thrasher and they printed it and Tom’s dad saw it and looked us up in

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