Gabriel Rodriguez RIP

Of all the memories from my stint at @powellperalta, circa 1989-1991, those that remain the most intact relate to my experiences with the “LA Boys,” aka @gabrielrodriguez_sk8 @rudyjohnson @guymariano and Paolo Diaz. When they first arrived on the amateur team scene, I often skate chauffeured them back and forth from Santa Barbara and LA, letting them crash at my apartment

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Scott Stamnes R.I.P.

(Jan. 22, 1970 – Dec. 11, 2000) Scott was a beloved Pacific Northwest ripping skate and snowboarder. He possessed the best PMA and infectious smile. I often ran into him and skated with him around Seattle in the 90’s and even snowboarded with him randomly on Crystal Mountain in Washington. We used to laugh about being mistaken for each other because we were both long brown hair and skating and snowboarding

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Murray Estes R.I.P.

(Oct. 2023) We lost another great Surfer / Skateboard Legend, Mr. Murray Estes from San Marcos California. He’s been living in Hawaii for many years now.  I grew up with him and another great friend Rick Braning. Everyone knew the three of us were very close growing up, (like brothers)… The three of us always

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Deirdre ‘Dee Dee’ Devine – R.I.P.

Excerpt from: (Sept. 2023 – Natalie Porter) Deirdre “Dee Dee” Devine was a freestyle skater in the 1980s who lived in Los Angeles as well as Arizona. According to her friend, legendary street skater Anita Tessensohn, Deirdre was sponsored by Airwalk and Powell, as they were on the same team together. When I first

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