Memorial Pages are dedicated to skateboarders who are the lifeblood of skateboarding who have paved away. Help us honor our fallen heroes and contribute a memory or photo to include.

Trav Watson R.I.P.

(? – June 8, 2023) Trav Watson was a kingpin in the Lismore skate scene for decades. His shop @36_chambers_skate was the local foundation for the community. We recently lost Trav and we would like to make sure that everyone remembers how awesome and important he was. He ripped. He loved skating and our whole rad community.

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Robbie McKinley R.I.P.

(May 24, 1978 – March 29 2023) Pro for Girl Skateboards Featured in: Video editor on the Captain and Casey Show Robbie McKinley nollie backside heelflip in Milano Centrale. October 31, 2000. Robbie McKinley RIP. In October 2000 the @girlskateboards & @chocolateskateboards teams spent a few days in Italy and did a demo/skate sesh in Milano Centrale. Girl &

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Elisabeth “Eli” Meyers R.I.P.

(June 28, 1963 – Nov. 2, 2021) excerpt from Womxn Skate History by Natalie Porter Elisabeth “Eli” Meyers (RIP) was from Schoten, a town in Antwerp, Belgium and is considered the country’s first ripping female skater. Meyers was introduced to skateboarding by her brother and friends, and she consistently skateboarded into her fifties. “In those days, there

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