Skateboarding History Stories

These are great stories about skateboarding history that you probably aren’t going to find in any magazines or books.

1960’s the Hiltons left Skateboarding for Hotels

THIS IS SOME REAL EARLY SKATEBOARDING HISTORY, hope you like reading it! My friend Tara knows Steve Hilton of the famous Hilton family and I asked her to ask Steve if he remembers me and my brother Bruce skating and competing against each other back in the 1960’s! Steve and Davey Hilton were 2 of …

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1975 Bahne/Cadillac Mens Division by Bruce Logan

1975 Bahne/Cadillac mens division

This pic says it all that I took about the beginning of skateboarding history of the 1970’s! This is the men’s division at the 1975 Bahne/Cadillac contest. This pic is my most talked about pic I have ever posted having to do with skateboarding! Bottom left sitting is Woody Woodward and just above him sitting …

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