Barbara Logan RIP

The ‘Original Skate Betty’ award

A rose Barbara Logan, a mother, business-woman and Oceanside resident, for her contributions to the sport of skateboarding. Logan, who died re- cently at the age of 79, was known among early skateboarders as “Mother Earth Ski.” After encouraging her four children to take up skating, the family started producing the Logan Earth Ski brand of solid oak skateboards, which was a top-seller in the 1970s. The boards helped to establish North County as a mecca for skateboarders just as ure- thane wheels catapulted skateboard- ing’s popularity into a competitive sport.

Sure, the kids get all the credit, but it was the pioneering innovators and business people such as Logan who made it possible for the Tony Hawks of the world to turn skateboarding into an industry with an international following. Grinders and thrashers owe her a debt of gratitude