(March 10, 1940 – Feb. 1, 2024)

FLOYD SMITH R.I.P. – We want to formally announce the recent passing of one of the original founders of Gordon & Smith.

Our whole family is mourning the loss of our Uncle Floyd Smith. Floyd Smith and Larry Gordon married sisters and so this company has been truly a family run business from the start. The loss is deeply felt on lots of levels.

Floyd Smith was an innovative thinker, and had a certain charisma that propelled the Gordon & Smith brand in the early years. He was a catalyst that made the wheels turn and an amazing story teller, some stories were even true!

We are amazed at the fact that Floyd had the courage to take the Gordon & Smith label to Australia in first progress to expand the brand “Internationally”. Single-handedly, our uncle opened a surfboard shop and built lifelong friendships while recruiting some of the worlds best surfing talent for the Gordon & Smith brand while down under.

Even after he left the partnership with our father, his impact on us personally has made a mark, specifically by his Christian Faith and with his great love for the Craft of Surfboard making. Floyd was active shaping wood boards up until a few years ago, exhibiting his shaping skill at Woody events up and down California’s coast, defying his age with skill, passion and that same charisma.. During the past 10 years Uncle Floyd has frequently encouraging my brother Eric with his craft in the shaping bay.( I’ve never seen a ‘Perfecto’ shaped as well as Uncle Floyd… except by my brother Eric). His last minute Surfboard Factory visits were actually “Inspections” which would make me break into a sweat to clean the surfboard factory before he would arrive. Cleanliness = Quality he would always say. RIP Uncle Floyd, you will be missed and loved always. – Debbie & Eric Gordon and the entire Family.

As a company, and more significantly, as a family, we feel it’s important that in the days ahead, we will be focusing on honoring his memory by sharing short stories about Floyd with you.

Gordon & Smith