Joe Lopes – R.I.P.

Joe Lopes Schmitt Stix - Quality is Our Recipe
Joe Lopes Schmitt Stix – Quality is Our Recipe
As I reflect today for Schmitt Stix Sunday I find myself thinking about Joe Lopes 

This iconic graphic has gone down in Skate Boarding History and was drawn by Joe Lopes SkateBro Neil Blender
I believe the phrase ‘Quality Is Our Recipe’ was most likely called out by Chuck Hults, he is also the one whole worked with Joe Lopes to craft that Iconic Shape and was a big part behind the scenes of what you saw with Schmitt Stix

Joe was the first California pro for Schmitt Stix in 1985 once we moved the company to California

We drove across the country from Tampa Florida in a uHaul to make our stamp on Skateboarding History.

Joe was known to BBQ at his Backyard Ramp in the Early to Mid 80’s and worked with Fausto Thrasher Mag to do the 1st backyard ramp jam in San Leandro in 1983.

This event was iconic in that era attended by all the best pros like Tony HawkChristian HosoiBilly RuffLester Kasai, Neil Blender,  Jeff Grosso,  Micke AlbaMike McGill, Al Losi. The event was won by Steve Caballero and was a big part of moving skateboarding forward to the lifestyle we know today. The ramp was only 20ft wide with a 3ft ft. channel and was sandwiched between the garage, house, and fences in a DIY fashion.

There is some amazing video of this Historic Event on the Thrasher Mag website by Michael Chantry @MajorDread

Joe Lopes life was tragically cut short in 2002 in an auto accident as he left behind 5 children and a wife.
If Joe Lopes was with us today, he would be 57 years old and would be at the BBQ with a big smile on his face

Who else was at the iconic event?
Who rode a Joe Lopes BBQ board or Joe Lopes Crystal Ball graphic?
That graphic was photographed and drawn by Bryce Kanights in Joe Lopes bedroom.