Kechaud Johnson RIP

KeChaud RIP
KeChaud Johnson – Photo by Bence Feher

If you ever had the pleasure to meet or watch @kechaud skate you would agree that he was one of the most talented and cool people that there is on earth . The power and control was unlike anyone I’ve ever seen on a skateboard . I do mean that . He was pure style and power , and the coolest dude you could meet . Tragic . Love you Kechaud. Rest in peace . You’re a real legend .

Mark Appleyard

We lost a great friend today and a very dear loved one. The unfortunate news of loosing a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s one that hits very close to home. Kechaud was an amazing skateboarder and a great human being who always lit up and room or skate park with the smile he always had on even in the worst times. He was a great mentor to many and wasn’t afraid to help anyone seeking to get better at skateboarding. Truly a teacher at heart who loved spreading knowledge. Legends never die and Kechauds name will forever stay alive in the streets of Dallas and in our hearts. Horse power forever!

Rhythm Skateshop
KeChaud Johnson Photo by Feher
KeChaud Johnson Photo by Feher
KE’CHAUD JOHNSON NOW PRO! – Video by Darkstar

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  1. Chaudie was the best mix of cool and kind you could imagine. Every time I saw him, he’d make time to talk even if he was in the middle of something else. He was so confident in himself it was hard not to become a little more confident in yourself as you talked to him, like his presence rubbed off on you. He was always very encouraging, and he will be missed.

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