Scott Stamnes R.I.P.

(Jan. 22, 1970 – Dec. 11, 2000)

Scott Stamnes @ Whiterock Skatepark in British Columbia. 1998 or 1999
Scott Stamnes @ Whiterock Skatepark in British Columbia. 1998 or 1999

Scott was a beloved Pacific Northwest ripping skate and snowboarder. He possessed the best PMA and infectious smile. I often ran into him and skated with him around Seattle in the 90’s and even snowboarded with him randomly on Crystal Mountain in Washington. We used to laugh about being mistaken for each other because we were both long brown hair and skating and snowboarding in the Seattle area.  Orcas Island Skatepark is fittingly named after him in tribute. What a great person! We lost him way too early in life.

Jeff Greenwood – 2023

While going through a box of old film today, I came across this 120 negative. I snapped it at “The Sound and the Fury” contest back in 1999, two days before Moving to New York. I stopped by the contest to see friends and watch some shredding. Scott was there sitting in the back of a truck looking amazing as usual. I casually snapped this photo before giving him a hug and saying goodbye. It was the last time I ever saw him. I can still hear his voice and his laugh. If you knew Scott, you knew he was as cool as it got, and the center of a really amazing scene. He was flow, he was everything. RIP brother.

Scott Michael Stamnes – Jan. 22, 1970 – Dec. 11, 2000

Ryan Crase – Dec. 2019
Worship Skateboards has just re-released a limited run of skateboards that were created in memory of the legendary Scott Stamnes, a sorely missed friend of the Volcom Family. The boards were painted by artist Joe Baker, a good friend of Scott’s. In addition there is now an extra deck in the set featuring Scott’s beloved pooch Billy Rainbow. If you would like to purchase one of these boards, please visit A portion of the proceeds will go to the Scott Stamnes give to kids fund. Scott had this very memorable section in Freedom Wig skating on a ramp on top of his father’s fishing boat, the “Chichagof”. Volcom’s skateboard film, Chichagof is dedicated to his memory.

Music video for the song Seatown , by Scott Sullivan and L2 based around the tragic death of NW ripper Scott Stamnes in 2000 and the impact that it had on the Seattle (Seatown) Community. An interesting thing about this video is that when we went up to Seattle to shoot it, we met up with a bunch of Scott Stamnes’ really good friends. People he used to skate with a lot, and we went to some of the spots where they all used to skate together and had some great sessions. HIs spirit is alive and well. Places like the West Seattle bowl , Ballard Bowl and some other zones over in West Seattle. Also , Jamie Lynn was good friends with Stamnes as well and though he wasnt there for the shooting , he was present in the paintings that are on the wall under the bridge where the guys are skating past it doing the coffin. Jamie is not only an amazing snowboarder , but also an incredibly talented and unique artist. . Thanks to the guys that helped make it happen by coming out and skating , Eric Knadler, Tom Peha, Monty Hayes, Ryan Crase, Todd Schlosser, James, Gackdo, Kurt Jensen .