Terry Trimble RIP

November 24th 1961 – November 14th 2012

Terry Trimble traveled with Sonja Catalano to most CASL contests around the southern California and some northern California region 1987 through 1990 to volunteer his time and talent.

Terry worked his way up through the board of commitee ranks and skate divisions of the California Amateur Skateboard League, starting in 1986 as a competitor. 

From 1987 through 1988 Terry was the street contest coordinator, one of the ramp/obstacle builders and head of security while competing in the shop sponsored and Factory sponsored division through CASL and NSA. 

From 1989 through 1990, Terry competed in the Factory sponsored and pro division of CASL NSA and PSL, while being promoted to Vice President of CASL and head judge of the Freestyle contests.

Terry helped build many street and ramp obstacle courses for CASL from 1987 through 1990. While Terry competed from 1986 through 1990, he won a couple of Freestyle and slalom contests. 

When the National Skateboard Association quit holding pro Freestyle contests after 1989, Terry and Sonja formed PSL the Pro Skate League in 1990, which only lasted one year due to a struggling economy as street skating took over.

Fast forward to 2008, Terry was inducted in the World Freestyle Hall of Fame through Bob Staton’s World Freestyle Skateboard Association contest series that ran from 2000 through 2011. Bob honored Terry for all of his contributions after he saw a skate video I put together for Terry while he was still alive. In that video, I mentioned all of Terry’s contributions over the years in skateboarding.

Terry’s contributions shouldn’t end with the Freestyle community, since he has contributed so much more to skateboarding as a whole. When Sonja first heard of Terry’s passing in 2012, she told his brother John Trimble that Terry was her hero for always being there when she needed him at many contests.

 Terry went above and beyond in many areas of the California Amateur Skateboard League for several years. Two more examples would be that he started a Freestyle skate team called Freestyle Underground in 1989 to help some Freestylers who either lost their sponsors or those who needed a board sponsor. 

Terry and Lynn Cooper also started a Freestyle magazine in 1988 called G-turn Freestyle zine to promote Freestyle more and give some skaters some face time that they otherwise wouldn’t have in the larger established magazines. It was a great way to preserve memories and encourage more skaters to continue Freestyling.

More about Terry Trimble and his contributions in skateboarding can be found in the final G-turn Freestyle zine put together and published by his brother John Trimble at the following link on Flickr.


Terry’s brother John Trimble also created and published a nice documentary about him, that shows his journey and contributions in life. The title of the documentary is ‘Passion on Wheels Rolling back the Years’ which can be found on youtube at the following link.

John Trimble – Jan. 2024