The New Normal Exhibit

The New Normal Exhibition – Irvine CA

We loaded up the SHoF Van and headed to Irvine, CA for the opening of a new exhibit presented by the City of Irvine and curated by Robert Brink. We really enjoyed taking our time and checking out all the amazing photographs, captions, videos, artifact and more. Most of the time, exhibits I’ve been involved with have focused on the past and history. It was refreshing to see how the curator meshed not just the new and old but also the diversity and adaptive Skateboarding of today and the past. Added bonus’ were being interviewed for the local media, bumping into Tom Wally Inouye (who handed me a care package with some of his homemade hot sauce and IPS stickers), seeing legend Sally Anne Miller, talking with Michael Lewis (the legendary skater with 1 leg from the 1970’s) and watching him give autographs and explain his Lakers 1/2 time suit that is on display in the show. But the highlight for me was seeing the prosthetic leg from Jon Comer on display. When Jon donated the piece he said if you don’t put this on display I want it back!”. So when I saw it at the show along with a classic photo by Eric Olsen of Jon dressed like a pirate using the actual prosthetic leg and skating my old bowl I was stoked. It was an awesome feeling to see it being shared. RIP Jon.

The show is up all summer and I encourage all to go check it out. Here is more info