Bruce Logan - 2009 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

Bruce Logan

Bruce Logan began skateboarding in the 1950s on a board he built from a two-by-four and roller skate wheels. He took his organic, inventive passion to the street and became one of the first professional skateboarders. In 1963, as a founding member of the Makaha Skateboard team, he and Larry Stevenson put together the Makaha line of boards. By the mid 1970s, the Makaha/Logan Earth Ski team featured Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Torger Johnson, Bob Biniak, Wentzl Ruml, and Bruce, Brad and Robin Logan, among others. Bruce, also known as the Skateboard Wizard, holds at least 24 titles, and was one of the first to put skateboarding on the map as a legitimate sport and way of life. He and his family owned and operated one of the world’s biggest skateboard brands, Logan Earth Ski, where Bruce’s name sold more skateboards than anyone else’s during that time.

By the mid-’80s, Bruce lost his path to drugs and alcohol, but rose again clean and sober with a new outlook on life and three new models on Gravity Skateboards. Bruce’s past has taught him well, and he is now a mentor, talking to those on the path from where he’s come. Bruce is featured in the documentary DOPE (Death Or Prison Eventually), a film that has a track record of being an effective message to youth to combat the allure and attraction of illegal drugs. On or off his skateboard, Bruce makes an impact on the life of others. When asked what his favorite trick is, he’ll tell you the high speed nose wheelie – would you expect anything less from the Skateboard Wizard?