Bob Burnquist - 2010 Skateboarding Hall of Fame

Bob Burnquist

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As a child growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bob Burnquist started skating at age 11, and by 14 he had already turned pro. At the Slam City Jam in 1995, the practically unknown Bob’s skating floored the crowd and judges, earning him a first-place finish. The rest, as they say, is history. Bob’s switch stance ability and creative lines set him apart from the rest. However, he’s no one-trick pony. Some of Bob’s other accomplishments include skating the loop switch (even jumping an upside down gap in the ceiling of the loop!), being a pioneer and continuing innovator of mega ramp skateboarding, carrying the Olympic torch, skydiving, piloting airplanes and overseeing his own organic farm.

Bob’s also got a vert bowl halfpipe, cork screw, loop, and mega ramp in his backyard. Go ahead and wipe the drool from your chin. Bob’s continuing progression and innovation have earned him a much deserved spot at the top of the skateboarding pyramid. Hell, even the most famous skateboarder of all time, Tony Hawk, names Bob as his favorite skater. Bob also has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and is always helping others do the same. However, being a father to his two daughters is what Bob considers to be his top accomplishment.

Bob Burnquist Thrasher Cover October 1994
Bob Burnquist Thrasher Cover October 1994