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Hailing from San Jose, California, Steve Caballero  joined the Bones Brigade in 1979, after being discovered by Stacy Peralta. (In fact, Cab is still with Powell-Peralta today). No one else in the industry has remained with their original sponsor for nearly as long.) In 1980, Steve turned pro and was voted rookie of the year. During the finals at an Upland contest in 1980, Steve unveiled his signature maneuver, the Caballerial, a 360 degree Ollie air above the coping of a pool or ramp. After this, Cab ruled the contest circuit for several years, inspiring many of the Bones Brigade’s present and future members to innovate their own tricks. Cab’s first Powell-Peralta pro model featured a dragon illustrated by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson and was inspired by a concept sketch provided by Steve himself, perhaps foreshadowing his recent success in the art world, where he has participated in a number of art shows with his original paintings.

Steve has followed skateboarding’s many changes flexibly enough to reinvent himself over and over during his 35 year career. Signing a contract with Vans in 1988, Cab became one of the first skaters to earn a pro model shoe. In addition to being one of skateboarding’s most famous practitioners, Steve has also enjoyed careers as a rock musician, appearing with his band the Faction, a skate photographer, an artist, a motocross rider, a collector of pop cultural items, a devout Christian, and a husband and father, mentoring his three young children. Cab continues to skate, compete in and win masters’ division contests around the world, play music with his friends, and make paintings for his art fans. Steve currently lives in Carlsbad with his wife, Rachel. Steve is sponsored by Powell-Peralta, Vans, Independent, Bones Bearings, and Jimmy’z.

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