Glen E. Friedman – 2012

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Glen E. Friedman, considered by many to be the most important photographer of his generation, started his illustrious career by first being published in Skateboarder magazine at the age of 14. He is most well known for his influential and iconic images of rebellious artists ranging from classic skateboarding, punk and hip-hop cultures. But it was in Dogtown where Glen cut his teeth with that notorious crew, capturing the first published image of Tony Alva’s frontside air at the Dog Bowl and many others that have been etched into our minds for all of eternity. Since those early days, Glen has been crucial to the recognition of that time past, in popular culture as a whole, by publishing several books in which these skaters are given the same status as other cultural icons.

Consulting / co-producing the groundbreaking movie Dogtown and Z-Boys was another of Glen’s incredible contributions, in addition to working for Thrasher in its early days. He pioneered photographic techniques of the day that are now standard in the sport. As an artist, producer, political activist, book publisher and a photographer whose work is now included in a number of notable international collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, Glen often credits his early skateboarding days as the turning point in his life that inspired him to be where he is now.

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