Peggy Oki - 2012 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

Peggy Oki

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In the mid 1970s, Peggy Oki cemented her place in skateboarding history as the wildly influential Zephyr Team’s one and only Z-Girl. If you ask her, however, she hardly noticed she was the only girl. Her ability to hold her own alongside teammates Tony Alva and Jay Adams wasn’t a statement; it was just a fact. Even though Peggy was the only member of the Zephyr team to take home a first place trophy from the historic 1975 Del Mar Nationals where the Z-Boys changed the sport forever, she always said she just skated for fun, pure and simple. Her surf-inspired skateboarding was the beginning of what would shape itself to be a life-long connection to the ocean. Today Peggy is an artist, biologist, environmental activist and model citizen who works and speaks throughout the world to raise awareness for the causes she champions