Brandon “Woody” Woodward

An original pioneering member of both the Makaha and Hobie teams, Brandon “Woody” Woodward was described by Danny Bearer in 2008 as “the youngest member of the Makaha and Hobie Skateboard Clubs. [He] was the most radical. His head was completely shaved. He was born to be wild and lawless. He was incredible to watch as he out sped the riders of both clubs.” At age 10, Woody would win all three events in his class (tricks, figure eight, and flatland slalom) skating for Makaha in May 1965 at the very first International Skateboarding Championships in Anaheim. In doing so, he also won one of three $500 dollar scholarships offered by Skateboarder Magazine and was subsequently profiled in a two-page feature in the magazine titled “Woody Woodward—Skateboarding’s 4-Foot 7-Inch Giant” that October. Also called The King, Woody was best known for excelling at both high-speed slalom and high jump. He would go on to skate for the Logan Earth Ski team in the ’70s and remains West Los Angeles skateboard royalty to this day.

Brandon “Woody” Woodward - 2013 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee
Brandon “Woody” Woodward – 2013 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee