Lance Mountain - 2014 Skateboarding Hall of Fame

Lance Mountain – 2014

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Since starring in the first true skateboarding video, The Bones Brigade Video Show in 1984, then rising with the tide of the Powell-Peralta brand as it grew into the biggest company of the massive ’80s boom, launching and running The Firm, before finally landing at Flip and Nike SB, Lance Mountain has ensured, through four decades of clocking in as a professional, that skateboarding continues to put a smile on your face. Born on June 13, 1964, Mountain originally turned pro for Variflex in ’82 before joining the Bones Brigade right in time to star in the aforementioned BBVS video. By the time The Search For Animal Chin in ’86, the Bones Brigade—Lance, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero, and Steve Caballero (along with Rodney Mullen and the rest)—were household names worldwide and Powell Peralta was a multinational behemoth.

Lance is credited with inventing the gay twist (along with Neil Blender), the sad plant, the eggplant, and even the fingerboard, while appearing in movies like Thrashin’, Police Academy 4, and Gleaming The Cube. Through the years, he also built his own backyard ramps and pools, and his artwork has been featured on everything from board graphics to shoes. While Lance’s list of accolades and skill as a skateboarder could fill a whole book, it has always been his unabashed love for the sport and those who dedicate their lives to it that has made his 40-year tenure shine the brightest. Thank you, Lance.

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