Suicidal Tendencies - 2016 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Inductee

Suicidal Tendencies

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Founded in Venice, California in 1981 by vocalist Mike Muir (brother of Jim Muir aka Red Dog of the Z-Boys and Dogtown Skates), Suicidal Tendencies emerged in 1983 along with their self-titled debut album and single “Institutionalized” to become one of the first hardcore punk bands featured heavily on MTV. In regards to skateboarding, they are probably best remembered for their 1987 hit single and video “Possessed to Skate,” which, along with their ethos of urban alienation, insanity, psychosis, and anger became an anthem for skateboarders worldwide. Spanning two eras from 1981-1995, then 1996 to the present, Suicidal Tendencies is credited with more or less inventing the genre of thrash crossover.

Suicidal Tendencies – 2016 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Inductee

Fusing punk, hardcore and their palette of distinct artwork with hints of V13 gang life and skateboarding, the resulting hybrid would be nearly impossible to replicate. Signed to Epic Records in 1988, the band would release what is considered their masterpiece and greatest mainstream breakthrough with their album Lights…Camera…Revolution! and the smash hit single “You Can’t Bring Me Down” (later skated to by Danny Way in The DC Video). Having released 13, their first album in thirteen years in 2013, the band continued to tour in 2016 and Mike Muir and Jim Muir are currently collaborating on lines of apparel and re-releasing classic and new skateboard products under the banner of Dogtown X Suicidal Skates.