Tommy Guerrero

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Tommy Guerrero is one of the godfathers of San Francisco street skating. In addition to having locked down the first street video part ever in Powell Peralta’s Future Primitive, Guerrero also became the first skateboarder to showcase San Francisco and its now world renowned hills. Along with GSD, Mark Gonzales (and a short while later Natas Kaupas), Tommy Guerrero also became one of the first official street pros—paid for and marketed specifically as a street skater.

His style, flow, and high-speed lines set the table for everything. As a top-shelf member of the Bones Brigade at height of the ’80s boom, Tommy basically became the face of streetstyle at a time when that very concept was about to turn skateboarding on its head. Leaving Powell Peralta not long after the dawn of the ’90s, Tommy would join Jim Thiebaud, Jeff Klindt, Fausto Vitello, and Eric Swenson in launching Real Skateboards. The decision ultimately gave birth to Deluxe—today one of the largest and most respected distributors in the industry–subsequently giving birth to a host of other brands from Antihero to Krooked and Stereo to Rasa Libre.

Still not finished pursuing his dreams, Guerrero would also go on to transform his longtime love affair with music into a string of critically acclaimed records—notably his third album, Soul Food Taqueria, listed by Rolling Stone as number two on their “Best Of” list for 2003. Today, splitting his time between art directing Krooked, recording new music, and skating with his son, the scope of Tommy Guerrero’s influence on both skateboarding and the industry is nearly unparalleled.

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