Gregg Weaver - 2017 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

Gregg Weaver

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Born on January 9, 1961 in San Jose, California, Gregg Weaver aka the Cadillac Kid, was one of the biggest stars during skateboarding’s re-emergence in the mid 1970s. He was featured in some of the very first Cadillac Wheels ads (the urethane wheels responsible for skateboarding’s rebirth), appeared on the cover of the first issue of the re-launched Skateboarder magazine in 1975, and later appeared in the first-ever sequence cover shot by Warren Bolster at Skatopia in August ’77. Gregg is widely respected for his silky smooth (often barefoot) style and progression. His downhill footage in 1975’s Downhill Motion was deemed “maybe the best footage ever shot to date of a skateboarder skating downhill” by Steve Olson in a 2008 issue of Juice magazine.

As far as becoming the Cadillac Kid, Gregg describes the entire affair as somewhat of a fluke. Out skating one day in Leucadia, he had a chance encounter with Frank Nasworthy, founder of Cadillac Wheels, on the day Frank was planning to shoot his first ad with another skater, Donald Gonder. When Gonder never showed up, photographer Art Brewer shot Gregg instead. Gregg agreed to do the photo shoot in exchange for a wetsuit. In another twist of fate, Warren Bolster, who was about to re-launch Skateboarder, saw those ads in Surfer not long thereafter. Bolster called Gregg to shoot the cover of the new magazine. Following up with a feature interview in Vol. 2, No. 6, where Gregg was described as a “15-year-old-pool-wizard,” Skateboarder received more fan mail for him than any other skater. Today, Gregg lives in Vista, California and still gets on his skateboard when his body allows.

Gregg Weaver – Lance Mountain interpretation

Gregg Weaver

Many skaters will recognize Gregg as the “star” of the Cadillac Wheels ad. Possessing a smooth, loose style which belies his surfing history, he’s been an influence on many skaters though he’s still skating in the Junior Division. Gregg is partial to surflike terrain – long hills, banks, and pools. His freestyling technique is starting to earn him deserved attention.

Source: Laura Torbet, The Complete Book of Skateboarding (Funk and Wagnalls, 1976), p. 104

Gregg Weaver 1976
Gregg Weaver