Vicki Vickers - 2017 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

Vicki Vickers – 2017

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Hailing from Houston, Texas and emerging into the California skateboarding scene of the late 1970s, Vicki Vickers was a vert skater who would later go on to ride for the Hobie pro team, winning the title of female skateboarder of the year in 1978 and even getting her own six page “revealing interview” in Skateboarder magazine. Beginning her professional career with Pepsi Cola in 1976, Vickers promptly inked a deal with Hobie. In addition to this, she also rode for Kryptonics, Sims and Alva. In 1978, Vicky was recruited to be the female lead in the Skateboard Mania stage show.

Vicky also rode the Pepsi plexi-glass halfpipe in the Rose Bowl Parade with friends like George Orton, Paul Hoffman, Steve Rocco, Doug Saladino, and Steve Cathey. In 1978, Vicky scored a Who’s Hot! in Skateboarder magazine. Unlike other female skaters of the time, Vickers was different. Although she was a girl, people often said that she “skated like one of the guys.” With accomplishments like being one of the first women to do handplants, catch air and skating against the guys, Vicki was an outspoken female athlete who demanded “equal pay for equal skate.”