Dave Hackett - 2018 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

David Hackett

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Born on November 12, 1960, all-around surf-skater David “HACKMAN!” Hackett grew up in Malibu California and started skateboarding on a steel-wheeled Roller Derby skateboard at the age of 5. David won his first bank riding contest at 14 at Malibu Park JR. High school, and learned to bomb the hills around his Malibu home from Hobie Legends, Woody Woodward and Torger Johnson. David is a three time World Slalom Champion, winning his first World Title at 15 for Jr. Men’s Slalom at the Hang Ten World contest, and his last one at age 56. David started riding schools & pools with the infamous Z-Boys, Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Wentzle Ruml and Steven Picciolo. David quickly became a major force and early pioneer of extreme skateboard stunts by jumping a rocket skateboard over three cars end-to-end in Hong Kong and debuting some of the first Bionic Airs out of Reseda’s Skatercross 2nd Bowl. 

Hackett won the 1978 US Open Pool and Bowl Riders event at Kona Skatepark and the 1979 Pool & Halfpipe event at Oasis Skatepark. David is a 100% surf-skater for life. Focusing on riding his skateboard with speed, style of a Surfer and ripping on all types of terrain. For over 45 years now, he has appeared on the cover of over 10 skateboard magazines, in movies and books, plus racked up over twenty 1st place finishes in multiple discipline events such as freestyle, slalom, bank riding, pools and halfpipes.

Dave “Hackman” Hackett has ripped, torn and slashed his way into skateboarding’s history with his patented move- The Hackett Slash! At the age of 46, he solidified his legendary status by becoming the “Oldest” professional skateboarder to conquer Tony Hawk’s Infamous “Loop of Death”- a stunt so difficult, it has only been accomplished by about 16 Skateboarders in the World today.