3 thoughts on “Cliff Coleman”

  1. Later this week my old friend Cliff Coleman will be inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame.
    This is an acknowledgement that is well deserved. Back in the 60’s, Cliff and I rode together on the Topsiders Skateboard Team in Berkeley, California, which later became the Northern California Hobie Super Surfer Skateboard Team. Cliff was a gifted athlete, and an innovative and FEARLESS member of our rag tag team.
    What sets him head and shoulders above all is his ability to build bridges across cultures through skateboarding. He is loved and respected by people from the United States and beyond. He has helped people make human connections with each other, and this is his greatest gift, in my opinion. We need more Cliff Coleman’s in this world.
    Thank you, Cliff, for your amazing contribution to my life and the lives of so many. I am so grateful and proud that we rode together back in the early days. Here’s to you and your amazing family. ¡Viva Cliff Coleman!!

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