Monty Nolder

Monty Nolder – 2022 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

If you’re close to my age, this guy, Monty Nolder was a legend to you growing up skateboarding. If you’re like Phil Hajal (@philhajal) and I and many of the amateur skaters growing up skateboarding in Florida in the 80-90’s, Monty was a legend/ hero/ almost mythological character.

For starters, he was one skate generation (6-7 years) older than we were. Which meant when we were 18-19 year old kids, Monty was in late-mid 20’s already. Number two… He skated like and WAS a Grown ASS man!! When we were 17- mid 20’s years old, we probably weighed 140-160 lbs. Monty was probably 6”2”- 6”3”, I would guess weighing 220, and he was built like a brick shit house!! Monty was solid. You hear the old saying about some people, that “When they skated, the ramp shook!”. Growing up in Florida, I got to skate many different ramps with Monty all built by different builders. I skated Leonard Trubia’s ramp with him, Daytona Skatepark’s ramp, Kona’s ramp, Lake Hellen’s ramp, Milford’s short lived ramp by the airport for one session, and the Gainesville ramp from my Powell 8 video part. I got to skate Monty and Donny Myhre’s (another skateboard hero of mine) ramp in Gainesville for 1 1/2 years after moving there from Tampa. Trust me when I say, if you stood on the deck of any ramps mentioned, in a 10 man session with your eyes closed, you could tell who was skating. Every single ramp I named, shook when Monty skated. He is a big solid guy, with a crazy powerful pump, and he went 7-9 feet high easy. I have some photos of him doing fast plants, Madonna’s, Christ airs, huge methods all 2 foot over head.

This guy (Monty) in the Daytona peanut pool was a sight to be seen. That pool was gnarly! It scared the shit out of me growing up and only being able to skate it once in a while. Guys like Monty, Adam Luxford, and Tom Groholski that skated it a lot, or every day, tore that pool a new asshole! It really was a treat growing up skating in Florida and getting to skate with the hero’s we saw in the magazines and in videos. Guys like Buck Smith, Tom Groholski, Rob Mertz, Sam and Donny Myhre, Adam Luxford, Mark Lake, Lonnie Reitter, Monty Nolder and many more.

Mike Frazier – Jan. 17, 2024