Tom Groholski

2022 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee - Tom Groholski
2022 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee – Tom Groholski

Bernie O'Dowd - This is the magazine that change my life. My friend John and I saw this Thrasher with some dude on it, has a ramp in New Jersey not far from us, and he wrote a letter of Thrasher and they printed it and Tom's dad saw it and looked us up in the phone book and invited us over to Tom's house to skate there. And all they're being cool to everybody. 

Lance Mountain - Yeah, Tom Groholski,  you have to speak to New Jersey and that local scene of how important what he did and how important what he saw and brought back, like how that infects and affects skateboarding firsthand, it's so important.

Darren Menditto -  It's always such a special treat that Tom come down and skate our local ramp it really showed us how it's done he had an amazing style and approach to skateboarding that you just got it was poetry in motion such a unique character and approach to skateboarding we're proud to call him one of New Jersey's own

Jim Murphy - The raddest thing about Tom Groholski  is it's not his skateboarding capabilities, but it's the person that he is. Humble, always rad, always friendly and his family supported skateboarding from day one. 

Chuck Treece - Tom and his father made sure that the ten of us that we're still skating had a place to skate in his backyard. A small backyard in New Brunswick was probably a skatepark for a lot of us for for years and years and years. I want to thank Tom and say Congratulations to him and his entire family. For supporting skateboarding and supporting what we're doing.  It's kinda emotional for me it's been a lot of years a lot of gears to shift but yea, Tom is definitely a one of a kind skater.

John Lucero - Such a rad dude, such a rad skater [he had] a huge bag of tricks, super stylish, and just always did it his way.  I love Tom Grohoski. 

Glen E. Friedman - One of the early guys from New Jersey, One of the early guys from east coast, the North east. To make a real mark on west coast skaters and show them that the Jersey Devil was someone serious, even though he was quiet, he was very serious and someone they all respected.

Tony Hawk - He was like a lip trick encyclopedia before people realize that that was a good thing. Hurricanes all day. I mean, he was like he was like the underdog and he still is and a lot of ways. Like [he's] this super underappreciated for what he what he gave to us.

Dan Tag -  Congratulations Tom. 2022 Skateboarding Hall of Fame.