Rick Howard

2023 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee – Rick Howard


    A man of many titles, Rick Howard is known as an entrepreneur, producer, and most importantly a skateboarder. Moving from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, to California when he was seventeen, Rick soon gathered early sponsors with Blockhead Skateboards in 1988 and Gullwing Trucks. Howard would find his first full length part in Blockhead’s video Splendid Eye Torture in 1989.

    In 1991 Howard became sponsored by Plan B Skateboards and Independent Trucks. His video parts in Plan B’s Questionable (1992) and Virtual Reality (1993) have been critically hailed, showcasing Howard’s impressive grab-bag of combos with a style all his own. While skating for Plan B Skateboards, Howard and Mike Carroll decided to team-up and go into business together with Megan Baltimore and Spike Jonze. They even began promoting their new venture, Girl Skateboards, while they were on tour. After Girl took off, the two would go on to add multiple companies to their impressive roster, including the influential shoe brand, Lakai Limited Footwear.

    With their feet firmly placed in the industry, Rick featured in a string of popular videos from their company, many of which would be still talked about today for not only their high caliber skating, but the high artistic integrity of the videos themselves. Some of these impressive videos that highlighted Howard’s powerful skate-performances were Girl’s Mouse (1996) and Lakai’s Fully Flared (2007), each time proving why he is a perfect “skater’s skater.” Rick’s technical ability accumulated into standout lines that allowed his personality and adaptability to shine through.

    Thrasher Magazine Cover: Rick Howard – Crooked Grind. Photo: Ogden
    Thrasher Magazine Cover March 1999: Rick Howard – Crooked Grind. Photo: Ogden

    But his talents were not just limited to the board. As a producer, Howard was heavily involved with the creation of each video. Rick was also not afraid to lend his skills to starring roles and brief cameos in skits. He traversed the woods and did the intro stunts in Mouse, was featured in the subterranean section in Goldfish, and was even part of the suited street-jam from Pretty Sweet.

    Today Rick Howard is still hard at work making Girl, Lakai, and his other companies the impressive achievements that have given every skater the confidence to build their own destiny, on their own terms.

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