Di Dootson Rose - Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee 2024

Di Dootson Rose

    Di Dootson Rose - Jan 2024
    Di Dootson Rose – Jan. 2024
    Di Dootson Rose - Jan 14, 2012
    Di Dootson Rose – Jan 14, 2012 – Photo Goodrich
    Di Dootson - Home Grown Oct. 17, 2013
    Di Dootson – Home Grown Oct. 17, 2013

    I skated Black Hill starting in 1974 with my brother, Craig Dootson and our childhood friend, Dave Dominy. Dave invented Tracker Trucks on our dining room table. I would follow them for sessions after work and soon was carving hills.  At that time, all the new products were being tested there. Doing that testing were the skaters that became the manufacturer’s professional teams. As the industry developed, the manufacturers created the Pacific Skateboard Association to promote the industry – I was their organizer and record keeper. 

    I rarely raced, as I was the race director, but enjoyed running the course/hill before the racing started. I did enter the race in Vail, CO when I was not the director. I enjoyed my 2nd place in tight slalom….in the coed Masters Division (27 years old was a Master at that time!) Getting timed at 30mph in that stand up downhill run in Vail was pretty cool.

    As you can imagine, when there is even just two riders on the hill, it got competitive. Prompted by Tommy Ryan to “put the money up” I ran the races the way the racers wanted. We were there every Sunday for three years, except when the pros and I traveled to do a pro event out of town. The National Skateboard Review provided the race results. The manufacturers needed that information for product promotion.

    From running the races, came the National Skateboard Review – a grass roots newspaper that covered all of skateboarding on the local level across the country for 3 years. Fast forward, a complete collection of the NSR is in the Smithsonian Institute’s Lemelson Center for Innovation.

    It all came to a screeching, heart breaking stop, with the industry crash of 1979. Companies could no longer afford ad space in the NSR. No ads = no newspaper. I published my last issue on June, 1979 with a young Steve Caballero on the cover. I closed up shop and ran away to the hills of San Diego County and returned to my career as a recreation therapist.

    In the 1990’s I initiated the effort to bring a skatepark to my small mountain town of Julian, CA. It was successful and the park remains open today.

    Fast forward to 2004 when I found my skate clan again at a race in La Costa. Since then, I have enjoyed working as a Starter and Recorder for local, national, and world slalom competitions. I have supported the Tony Hawk Foundation, the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame, the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum, and Dennis Martinez’ The Training Center. I ran occasional local races on the Central California Coast – KISS: Keep It Simple Slalom.  I hosted 3 Viva La Costa Reunions, every 5 years.

    In 2013, I was the curator at San Diego Home-Grown Skateboard History exhibit. There were 100+ items on display that was viewed by 500+ viewers. With an opening reception and a closing reception, a good time was had by all.

    In 2013, a full collection of the NSR was received by the Smithsonian Institute.

    In 2016, I sponsored the women purse at US Nationals to match the mens purse. And continue to insure the women’s purse is equal to the men’s purse, separate from the registration fees.

    In 2016 I coordinated a Girl Scout Skate Jam in San Diego. It included instruction by Patti McGee, Amelia Brodka, Lynn Kramer, Barb Odanaka, Matt Gaudio, and the Silly Girl Skate Team.

    In 2017, I was guest of honor at the Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama – a weekend gathering of women in skateboarding from all over the country.

    In 2017, I was filmed by Viceland TV to be part of their Post Radical series. It was released in 2018 and I am part of Episode 4.  I will be forever grateful to Alex Craig for representing me with such respect. He has left me a legacy that I will be forever proud of.

    The NSR continues to be included in movies and books that need a record of skateboarding from the late 1970’s.

    In 2021, I was interviewed by KPBS for their “Sk8SD” documentary on the beginning of skateboarding in San Diego.

    I was asked to Chair the first slalom committee of USA Skateboarding in 2020. I am pleased to have led the committee that brought the first US slalom team to the World Skate Games in Argentina in 2022.

    I am the Founder and President of La Costa Boys Racing – what better way to continue what I started so long ago. In 2020, I worked with Lynn Kramer to create the La Costa Racing Team as a nonprofit. Our mission is to teach healthy lifestyle to youth through slalom racing, host slalom races, and provide service opportunities for all ages. 

    In 2022 I transitioned from stand up to luge as I was no longer able to foot brake or run it out at the bottom. I got a top of the line Rogers Bros pan, Paris trucks, and Seismic wheels. I am beyond stoked that I got a mini run at Tepusquet Rd in Santa Maria, CA as part of my training. My runs at Maryhill are the pinnacle of my luge experience as I went over 30mph. In 2023, it was obvious that my skating days were over. My 76 year old body really wanted to be able to walk when it was 80years old, so I stopped going fast downhill. It took me 6 months to be able to say that out loud without crying. Now, I’m just so grateful I got to go downhill fast for almost 50 years. In those first luge years, I got in touch with the downhill community and am pleased to be a writer and advisor for FreeRide Flyer magazine – another grassroots publication that covers nationwide amateur/freeride events and the folks that make them happen. 

    I am devoted to my skate clan and love meeting skaters all over the world. I find their spirit is the same and as passionate as I have ever known. I am a skater for life. As the decades proceed, it is plain  my place in skateboarding is changing. Computerized timing systems have made me obsolete as a timer/starter/recorder which makes me sad but I cannot deny the obvious. I look forward to help with registration tables and being a spectator. I look forward to meeting you – please stop and say “Hi”.

    Last thought: Need something? Bring your best and do it yourself.
    Oh, and: Hug the ones you love.
    ‘Nuff said: skate on. I’ll see you there.

    -Di Dootson (self written)
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    Di Dootson - Art Lab Aug 20, 2013
    Di Dootson – Art Lab Aug 20, 2013
    San Diego’s Home-Grown Skateboard History Exhibit with Di Dootson Rose
    Di-Dootson, Bob Skoldberg, Henry-Hester - Jan. 14 2012
    Di-Dootson, Bob Skoldberg, Henry-Hester – Jan. 14 2012
    diinlamesa – National Skateboard REVIEW in the Smithsonian Institution