Skateboarding Collection of Historical Artifacts

At the Skateboarding Hall of Fame we proudly display tons of amazing skateboard artifacts that have played a part in skateboardings wonderful history.

Mike Johnsons 1970's show outfit

We would like thank Mike Lewis aka Mike Johnson @mikejohnson9353 for this absolutely incredible donation to the Museum. In 1976 Mike took 1st place in the amateur division at the famous Cow Palace contest. Mike is an amazing skater and was also the Manager at 2 Skateparks. The Big O and Endless Wave in Oxnard. In the 1970’s he was also was a crowd favorite as the halftime show in front of almost 15 thousand fans nightly at @lakers games inside the fabulous Forum in Inglewood. This is one of his outfits and what remains of the actual @madridskateboards he used at the halftime shows. He also donated this autographed Lakers Basketball (including Magic) the was presented to him by the Lakers. The whole outfit, board and ball will be on display here until June then it will be going to the City of Irvine, CA for the summer where it will be part of a really cool display featuring many items from the worlds greatest adaptive skaters. Thank you Mike you are a true inspiration.

Gonzo's Pool Slide

We managed to get the actual slide from the legendary Gonzales Pool into the new space. Donated to the Museum by Jesse Martinez. This pools history spans decades and was first ripped up by the Z-boys in the late 70’s and went off and on until 2012ish.

Hand Carved Lakewood Skatepark Sign

We wanted to share this incredible new artifact that was given to us by one of our biggest supporters for over 2 decades Ed Economy. One thing you may not know about Ed is that he is one of the original and best pickers ever when it comes to finding and bringing home skate and surf history. We are happy to be able to have on display and share this hand carved, solid wood sign from the late great Lakewood Center Skateboard World. Apparently this was carved and signed by 2021 SHOF inductee Bobby Valdez and his Dad and given to Lakewood Center’s Owner Glenn Smith in 1979 as a gift. We love the carved detail of Bobby doing an invert in the Lakewood Pool. We’d love to find a photograph of it in the Skatepark. Help us locate one. Visit the Museum and see it for yourself.

The Search for Animal Chin Set Piece

We are still looking for Won Ton Animal Chin himself but we did find “Guadalupe” thanks to this incredible donation from  @gapbones @powellperalta we now have it out for all to see along with a compass that always pointed to the South. We were told this big wire and foam sculpture was created by none other than VCJ! … Always being watched over by the incredible and original pencil drawings of @timoe237

Jeanne Garcia Active Wear Logan Earth Ski Top

Sadly the Museum doesn’t get too many donations and we understand that important, rare and collectible items are not only hard to let go but valuable. So when we get an incredible donation like this ultra rare Jeanne Garcia Active Wear Logan Earth Ski Top donated and worn by one of the very first LES Team Riders Eddie Katz we are beyond excited and grateful. Eddie also donated his original LES Jersey several years ago. Eddie tells us these red and blue custom made corduroy Tops were used when the Team was traveling and using the 1st class airport lounges etc. to lend a little prestige to these Skateboarders as they mingled with other big wigs and Celebs of the 1970’s. Thank you Eddie for trusting us to keep your artifacts safe and for allowing us to share them with the World. Both of Eddie’s Team Jerseys will proudly be on display inside the Museum for the upcoming 3/18/23 Lunch with the Logan’s Fundraiser at the Museum. If you would like to attend and hear more about the awesome Skateboarding History get tickets on our website while you still can. 

1962 folk art Skateboard

Whenever we add a another early homemade Skateboard to our collection we always share. This little guy arrived today and some of the things we like about it are that it’s very small and made using one complete roller skate. The roller skate was made by Union Hardware Co. of Torrington Connecticut. We also love that the skate is bolted on and the the whole deck has been painted with thick red paint on top and it looks like the whole deck has had several coats of paint. We see black, brown, green and red. We purchased it from Richmond, VA. When you visit the museum you can see this little guy up close along with about 100 other pre 1962 folk art Skateboards.

Harvey Hawks Kneeboard

Harvey Hawks downhill kneeboard. Ick Sticks. From Deep in the Heart of the Badlands. “The Rabbit”. Original condition, paint and parachute. Signal Hill Survivor.

Designed and built by Rick Howard and Harvey Hawks

Matt French painted Jay Adams fund raiser deck

From the collection: Hand painted by @mattfrenchart @pocketpistols that was created to help @jboyadams with some legal fees back in 2006 @skatelab. We raised over 15k in one night! If you would like to show some support for what our non-profit Museum is doing you can do so by joining our newsletter. RIP Jay Boy.

1970's Homemade Finger Boards

It’s always cool when an unexpected donation arrives in our mailbox. This just showed up courtesy of Gregor Losson. He made these 2 unique Fingerboards in the 1970’s and explains in his note about the Lonnie Toft sticker he made that one of them has on it. We know guys like @lancemountain , @stevecaballero and others have been making them for decades so we thought it would be fun to share Gregors contribution to the #skateboardinghalloffame Museum.

Sterling Skee Aluminum Skateboard circa 1964

We share with you the Sterling Mustang Skateboard in “Glistening Aluminum”. Deck is made from solid Aluminum metal with Clay wheels which were considered a big upgrade to the steel wheels that came first. Circa 1964. Original retail price $15.95 #skateboardinghalloffame

We welcome your donations

Share your historical artifacts with us so its story and history can be preserved for all future skateboarders. All donations will be considered to help us best stick to our mission of preserving the history. Please submit via this form if you have items to donate.