1960’s the Hiltons left Skateboarding for Hotels

THIS IS SOME REAL EARLY SKATEBOARDING HISTORY, hope you like reading it! My friend Tara knows Steve Hilton of the famous Hilton family and I asked her to ask Steve if he remembers me and my brother Bruce skating and competing against each other back in the 1960’s! Steve and Davey Hilton were 2 of the biggest skate stars back in the 1960’s and were a huge part of the Hobie Skateboard Team back then and there grandfather Conrad Hilton was the financier for Hobie Skateboards in those days and he also owned Vita-Pak orange juice and who knows how many hotels back in those days let alone how many the Hilton hotels the family owns in today’s world etc. etc. Steve Hilton has grown into a Patriarch of his family! One thing I always remembered, Steve and I are the same age and Davey and Bruce are the same age and Steve and I are the older brothers but Bruce and Davey were the big skate stars of our skateboarding families! When Bruce and I were growing up, we like many many people, back in the 60’s did not have any money at all (but we were only 14-15 years old) in fact we could not even afford a camera, but when I was inducted into the SHOF in 2015, in my speech I said when Logan Earth Ski was growing by leaps and bounds in the 70’s so freakin fast I kept looking over my shoulder for the Hilton brothers to show up at a contest with there own line of skateboards and much much much more, but they never showed up! I also said in that speech had the Hilton’s decided to show up and got deeply involved with skateboarding again in the 70’s they could have owned the skateboarding industry for decades or as long as they wanted but they never did show up and I have always wanted to know why not, well they probably had much bigger fish to fry with the growth of the Hilton empire but I thanked them in my acceptance speech for not showing up in the 70’s era, but it sure helped us Logan’s out when the Hiltons went in another direction in the 70’s! When I read Steve’s message to my friend Tara it really put a smile on my face and if you do not understand why, we were the family with nothing and well you know about there family and history and he gave us Logan’s great respect in his message and remembered us from those early days! I have been promoting both Steve and Davey Hilton to get inducted into the SHOF for a number of years and hopefully one of these days both the Hilton brothers will be inducted as they are true skateboarding pioneers and all pioneers from the 1960’s should be inducted at some point! Skateboarding Hall of Fame! Check the message what Steve said above to read it all!

Brian Logan – Nov. 11, 2023