1975 Bahne/Cadillac mens division

This pic says it all that I took about the beginning of skateboarding history of the 1970’s! This is the men’s division at the 1975 Bahne/Cadillac contest. This pic is my most talked about pic I have ever posted having to do with skateboarding! Bottom left sitting is Woody Woodward and just above him sitting on his left is Torger Johnson RIP and on Torger’s left and a couple of days ago I wrote a post about him who I grew up with in Hermosa Beach is Biff Collins RIP and then a local guy from the area who got the reputation through the years Big Wave Dave, then Bruce Logan ready to go with his 2 boards! In the next row on the left is Tom Sims and at the moment I am having CRS and can’t remember the guy with the beard who rode for Sims and just behind him is Danny Trailer, but the next 2 guys (unknown) but on the end with his hands under his chin is a guy everyone loves Mr. Jack Smith. Top row behind Tom Sims is Bob Mohr RIP and next to him is Chris Yandall RIP. In the back row laying down is Russ Howell and the only guy missing in the group is Brad Logan! Oops I meant to post this on the LES History page! By the way in case and I am sure you are wondering where is the Zephyr Team with the future DogTown crew, well they all were younger then this group and they along with Ty Page we’re in the Jr. Division!

Brian Logan – Dec. 7, 2022 – from the Logan Earth Ski History Facebook page.