Ben Schroeder invents the Chafe Slide

Ben Schroeder - Chafe Slide
Ben Schroeder – Chafe Slide over the channel at the San Jose Boomer Ramp in 1988 – Photo: Transworld Skateboarding Magazine

Back in 86/87, during a session at Steve Salisian’s Ramp (Arcadia CA), I was doing Frontside Grind to Tails super fast across the whole width of the ramp. In order not to slide off the edge of the ramp, I started snapping it to tail, soon after starting to grind, and sliding the rest of it on my tail in order to slow myself down. (Exact same reason that I started to shuffle out of my Monty grinds: to slow down and not grind off the edge of the ramp


That night while sleeping I dreamed that I was whipping it to tail before the grind had even started. The next day I went back to Steve’s and quickly pulled off the World’s first tail slides on Transition.

The Backside Layback Rollout was already named the Backside Tailside so I wasn’t sure what to call the move. At the amateur national finals, held in the pride pavilion in Phoenix Arizona, I asked Mike Crescini what I should call it. He replied “Call it the Chafe slide” as he slid his two palms across each other as if to get Chafed.

Hence, The Chafe Slide was Born, and then I went down to Fallbrook and did it over the channel and of course we didn’t film any of it because we weren’t doing it to show others we were doing it for ourselves.

Ben Schroeder