Lynn Cooper 1976

Lynn Cooper Skateboarding Swan Pools 1976

1970’s POOL SERVICE – I thought some of you might enjoy this old photo of me from around 1976-77, skating a pool at Swan Pools in Anaheim, after the place was closed down and abandoned. This bowl featured rocks instead of tiles. There was also a curb for the coping. This place was just a block away from our home, so my brothers and I skated here as much as we could until it was gone for good. In this shot, I am riding my Harbour Skateboard, 70mm Kryptonics, Rector gloves and proudly sporting a Skatopia sticker and my favorite Skateboarder Magazine headband on my hat! I have some old 8mm film footage from this spot as well, when we braced a table, as an extension, on top of the bowl so could go higher. I may dig out these old films in the future.
It’s hard for me to think that this was taken 47 years ago. Fun time’s exploring what we could pull off, on our boards back then!

Lynn Cooper