Bart Saric Designs 4 “Z-Boys”

In the early 2k(s), the honor was mine to take on the chief designer role for products & branding concerning the “Z-Boys” brand, which incarnated after the then recent releases of the “Z-boy & Dogtown” documentary book and film.

I was brought in to handle the graphic designs and assist with the authenticity of its look on their T-shirt/shoe lines and accessories. It was a special opportunity to share some time with the true OG’s from that monumental era +. A super part was the permission I was granted to have access to the great original photo collection scans shot by the genius of CRSIII. Someone whose work I’ve always admired and been inspired by in many ways.

Given the reigns and creative freedom to embellish some of the most classic shots in skateboarding history was a special opportunity for me to give back visually by reliving the images as art projects made for the cause. A radical westside cultural cause and cry of freedom and individuality. 

Again, what I share with you here is a bulk of what I made for ‘Z-Boy’ and their apparel lines. Not everything is posted here, but some of others and my favorites are pictured here. The last photograph is shot by Orion Comstock and a photo of me, ‘OGB’, skating in a first run Z-boy T, ‘1984’ jeans and the short lived ‘Z-Boy’ limited edition dockers shoes. I literally tore that pair of shoes up in that specific session at the ‘Happy’ pool. In true OG Z-Boy mannerisms, after noticing the busted and unrepairable seams on the sides of these kicks, I switched them out for my flipflops and dumped them at the backyards dumpster. Taking the term ‘Rip It Up!” literally. 

Represent, represent … 

All photographs copyright Craig Stecyk III 

All graphic design works copyright Bart Saric.

“Stay Stoked & CR8TV 4L!”

OGB – Bart Saric – 4/8/2024