Pineapple Nicknamed by Joe Roper

l-r – Henry Hester, Joe Roper, Doug ‘Pineapple’ Salidino

Viva La Costa kickoff last night. Hung out with my good friends Joe Roper and Henry Hester. I have been friends with these for a long long time.

I met Joe in 3rd grade around 1971. I would take the #27 bus to Pacific Beach everyday after grade school. Hangout at San Diego Surf Shop and surf Crystal Pier with him. I was like his shadow. I’d watch him fix dings, and just follow him around everywhere.

In 1974, Joe and I would enter a skateboard contest at Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach, which was put on by the WSL (Western Surfing Association), and that’s where my skate career began at 11 years old.

Joe and I went on to skate for Bahne for a couple of years, then we would both change teams in around 1976 and go to Gordon and Smith. I would continue skating while Joe went onto make a name for himself at Pipeline.

So, lil’ history … Joe nicknamed me Pineapple (I remember him calling me Pineapple one day at a Sunday Bahne team practice. However, last night he said he was calling me Pineapple way before that when we used to surf and hang out at San Diego Surf Shop). Man life is beautiful and I’ve been blessed with his friendship for over 50 years.

Henry Hester and I have been friends since 1976. I remember on several occasions, he would call my mom and ask if she could take me out of school to go do skate demos.

Every time a school monitor would come into my class, with a blue slip, and ask for Doug Saladino. I knew Henry was taking me to do skate demo. Yes!

Henry went on to his Hester Series … Thank you Henry for everything you’ve done for skating.

Doug ‘Pineapple’ Salidino – Jan. 28, 2024