Steve Albas board finds it’s way home, 40 years later!

Steve Alba's lost skateboard
Steve Alba’s lost skateboard

Nothing like getting back one of your old riders … still complete Mt Baldy set up from @death_cloak So @bunkrock911 met guy who had this board who was friend of Simon Hill from Claremont old skate friend from early days even before Pipeline skatepark .. Simon had a pool in his backyard where he talked his parents into emptying so we could skate .. anyhow Simons friend was with us at My Baldy pipeline in 80’s and apparently this board went into the pit and I left it there … he got out of the out pit and had ever since .. he told Bunk he’d give it back to me .. flash forward to @death_cloak hits me up and says he has board to give back to me .. he is neighbors with guy from Mt Baldy put dig out from 40 years ago .. the neighbor hands it to him over the wall very neighborly like and he transported to me … thanks so much ! Made my weekend !!

Steve Alba – Jan. 22, 2024