Curt Kimbel - Photo by Lapperzine

The Gatherings – Slalom Races in Gaithersburg Maryland

Here’s another throwback, to the early 00s, when I did something that might have actually made a difference. For several years, I held annual slalom skateboarding events in Gaithersburg. Maryland, which eventually attracted the attention and attendance of much of the slalom skateboarding world. I called them “The Gathering”s.

Another reality, in that particular moment, was that Badlands skate legend, Curt Kimbel, was living in northern Virginia; working and raising another skate giant, his son Willis Kimbel. Curt quickly became a regular as the D.C. slalom community expanded into a group that called itself the D.C. Outlaws. Here he is leaning over a staggered right-hander, in a classic GBJ course.

Andy Bittner – @Lapperzine Dec. 2023