Stacy Peralta - 2010 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

Stacy Peralta – 2010

Find Stacy Peralta on Facebook and Instagram As one of the top pro skateboarders of the 1970s, Stacy Peralta’s atoms were activated across a wide swath of reality: participating in a lion’s share of contests, demos and tours, and appearing in a mammoth mound of magazines, movies and merchandise. After a lucrative career riding for

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Eric Koston – 2010

Find Eric on Social Media As one traces the evolution of modern street skating from its earliest foundation to the unbelievable heights to which it has risen, Eric Koston has served as a constant innovator each step of the way. Since turning pro in 1992, Eric Koston has remained unfadeable in a cut-throat contest capacity

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Torger Johnson – 2010

Torger Johnson Twenty-four-year-old Torger Johnson has seen it all, having been a skateboarder since he was twelve. Today Torger lives in Hawaii, where he has better control of his surfing life, but he’s still very visible on the skateboarding scene, where his subtle, carefully planned freestyle routines reflect his experience and professionalism. Torger sees skateboarding

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