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Geoff Rowley - 2024 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee

Geoff Rowley

Moving from Liverpool, England, to Huntington Beach, California, at the age of 18, Geoff Rowley quickly created a fanbase. An amazing technical street skater, unafraid to risk it all on larger terrain, he featured on the cover of Transworld Magazine in just two weeks. He would go on to accumulate incredible video parts and multiple accolades like being named Skater of the Year in 2000 by Thrasher and ranked the 26th most influential skater in 2011 by Transworld. An avid outdoorsman, Geoff is passionate about wildlife conservation and is a hunting guide and company owner of knife and tool manufacturing company, CIVILWARE. – C. Harp Videos

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2023 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee - Tom Penny

Tom Penny

In the raw anarchy of the early 90s skateboard community, emerged a fresh face from Oxford, England. Tom Penny’s revolutionary progression and nonchalant style elevated skateboarding to new heights, inspiring skateboarders worldwide. From his iconic Radlands contest win to mind-blowing video parts (èS Menikmati; Flip, Sorry) Tom redefined style and set new aspirational standards. Today,

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Lance Mountain - 2014 Skateboarding Hall of Fame

Lance Mountain – 2014

Find Lance on Social Media Since starring in the first true skateboarding video, The Bones Brigade Video Show in 1984, then rising with the tide of the Powell-Peralta brand as it grew into the biggest company of the massive ’80s boom, launching and running The Firm, before finally landing at Flip and Nike SB, Lance

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