Jay Adams

Bart Saric Designs 4 “Z-Boys”

In the early 2k(s), the honor was mine to take on the chief designer role for products & branding concerning the “Z-Boys” brand, which incarnated after the then recent releases of the “Z-boy & Dogtown” documentary book and film. I was brought in to handle the graphic designs and assist with the authenticity of its […]

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Brad Bowman - Reseda Skatecross

Brad Bowman – aquires his blue Jay Adams Zephyr deck

Part 1 Lou Peralta’s SkaterCross was one of the first skateparks to pioneer vertical skateboarding. There were a few others but his was one of the first three in Southern California. It attracted talent from all over the state in the same manner Carlsbad had done just prior to that.In this photo just after grand

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Jay Adams

R.I.P. (February 3, 1961 – August 15, 2014) Jay Adams has been called “the original seed” of skateboarding. As an original Z-Boy, he is considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. The 1975 Del Mar Nationals were a big turning point in skateboarding history, when the world got its first taste of

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