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2022 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductee - Monty Nolder

Monty Nolder

If you’re close to my age, this guy, Monty Nolder was a legend to you growing up skateboarding. If you’re like Phil Hajal (@philhajal) and I and many of the amateur skaters growing up skateboarding in Florida in the 80-90’s, Monty was a legend/ hero/ almost mythological character. For starters, he was one skate generation

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Chris Miller - 2015 Skateboarding Hall of Fame

Chris Miller

Follow Chris on Instagram Speed and style are the two biggest bullet points on the rap sheet of Chris Miller’s near three decades of professional skateboarding. Born in California in 1967, Chris honed his skills on the unforgiving concrete of the legendary Pipeline Skatepark in Upland, California before becoming the National Skateboard Association’s amateur series

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