Bobby Piercy – 2021

One of the biggest names in slalom racing in the 1970s, Bobby Piercy pioneered the ultra quick parallel stance, which helped him wiggle at light speed through a tighter course of cones than everyone else. Just as adept at barging bowls and long jumping over Playboy Bunnies, Bobby rocked both print and film media with …

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Shogo Kubo – 2017

Shogo Kubo was born September 19, 1959 in Kagoshima City, Japan. After moving to the United States at a young age, he began surfing and skateboarding before he even spoke good English. Shogo met Jay Adams, Jeff Ho and the rest of the original Zephyr crew and became a founding member of the Z-Boys when …

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Jay Adams – 2012

Jay Adams has been called “the original seed” of skateboarding. As an original Z-Boy, he is considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. The 1975 Del Mar Nationals were a big turning point in skateboarding history, when the world got its first taste of the Zephyr crew. Jay was the first of …

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